Product Labels

Our Product Labels

As a licensed Connecticut pesticide applicator Atlantic Lawn Service must inform you about the products that might be used on your property. The pesticide treatments are very low concentrations of these products. The label information I am providing you is for the concentration which we dilute before making applications.

Every product we apply is approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP), and recommendations followed are based on competent research. Be assured that we are very concerned about the safe use of pesticides in the environment and would not use or apply them unless totally convinced of their safety. Below is a list of products that might be applied to your property. We will decide the best product to use for your property taking into consideration the pest, weather and other environmental conditions.

A tick management program will help control the tick population on your property and reduce the chance to encounter a tick. Ticks are known to carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans as well as dogs and cats. While any tick management program will not decrease the tick population to zero, it will decrease the population by 85 – 90 %. The reason for less than 100% control is because a tick could drop off of a bird or wild animal after the control application. A yearly management program will break the life cycle of resident ticks and help reduce the number of ticks you may encounter on your property.

Below are a list of product labels with links for products that might be used.

Dimension granular with fertilizer

Acelepryn Plus Dimension

Dimension liquid

Prodiamine granular with fertilizer

Prodiamine liquid

Snap Shot 2.5TG granular

Broadleaf Weeds

Lesco Three Way liquid

Lesco Three Way Ester liquid

Speed Zone liquid

Lesco Momentum 4-Score liquid

T Zone liquid

Lesco Momentum FX2 liquid

Lesco Momentum Q liquid


Acelepryn Plus Dimension

Cross Check liquid

Acelepryn granular

Acelepryn liquid

Specialty Herbicides

Dismiss liquid

Sedge Hammer liquid

Tenacity liquid

Drive liquid


Tick Free liquid

Cross Check liquid

Fipronil liquid